Thursday, November 13, 2008

Work hard, Play Harder

Tonight, I'm checking out a free class over at the Learning Annex. I've taken courses there before and have always walked away better versed on a subject I knew little of walking in.

The Annex hosts seminars, lectures, classes and workshops in major cities around the country: LA, Minneapolis, San Diego, San Fran, Toronto (even Canada) and of course, right here in NY. In one evening, you can get the nuts and bolts for pretty much everything...from public speaking and writing business plans to starting an event planning company and becoming a real estate agent. Prices are fairly affordable- from free to $49.00. From what I've seen, the real estate and computer courses are the most expensive ones.

They've had an eclectic roster of engaging, high profile guest speakers at the annex- Donald Trump, Sarah Jessica Parker, P. Diddy, Deepak Chopra, and Henry Kissinger. Time Magazine has lauded the Annex for putting" a fresh face on adult education.”

You can find Learning Annex kiosk alongside newspaper kiosks (think: village voice, am and metro). Here's the site: to find classes and to sign up for updates.

See you in class!

...And now for the play harder portion. LADIES, listen up!

Shecky's Holiday Night Out
December 18-20 at The Altman Building located 135 W. 18th St. (6th & 7th Aves.) Tickets are available for $20 (limited time only, regular price $30 ), which includes a goodie bag worth over $100, unlimited cocktails, and discounts while shopping Shecky's vendors. You can also purchase $10 tickets, which covers admission and drinks. I went to their Ladies Night Out event last October, it's def worth checking out and seriously, who can pass up goodie bags for an extra $10?! to purchase tickets.

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