Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sites for the NYC Scene


Why sign up? (from the Goldstar sign up page)
* Get personalized updates just for you
* Gain access to half-price tickets
* Write reviews and give tips to other show-goers
* See what other members are going to
* Create lists of events you want to go to
* Share your lists and reviews with friends

Featured in Time magazine, The New York Times, Real Simple magazine and O mag.

You're emailed weekly digests twice a week with events and associated discounts through Goldstar. The Goldstar "prices" are def worth taking the time out to sign up for. Membership is free and available in major U.S. cities. Get to it!

Your Local

Membership is free. The site seems to be updated fairly frequently so that you can check back to see what's recommended, free and featured.You can create your own social calendar and give ratings/reviews.

Event Me

It's a social calendar tailored to you and your interests. Set aside 15-20 minutes to sign up for an Event Me account and to set up your profile. By checking off preferences in essentially all areas of your life, it allows them to sort out which events to invite you to. Membership is free and available in major U.S. cities.

Back in the day circa campus life, I was able to see prominent speakers and performers that were relevant and well sought out for free for about $5. Ah and followed by drinking free beer pumped from a keg (I know, classy) in which the entrance fee was either $5 or free. We may not be able to keep the beer flowing, but...

Many universities open events to the public at a fraction of the cost it would be otherwise or again, is completely FREE. My 2 favorite to visit for events: (NYU) and (The New School). From seeing Tim Gunn of Project Runway and Tim Gunn's Guide to Style to award winning documentary screenings, school is in session.


You can sign up for the occasional event emails.

Time Out New York

Even if you don't subscribe to Time Out New York (although ya should, it's about $20 a year with listings of affordable events coming to your door weekly), you can find events here.

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